Saturday, March 5, 2011

Battle Beast - M.U.S.C.L.E. Mashup Cthulhu!

OK so this one is still down the road a bit... but I thought you might like a little taste of a future offering....

It's still a bit down the road before this one will see any type of production as I still have a bunch of stuff ahead of it, but I was just too excited about how this one is coming together and thought everyone might enjoy a taste.

There are still a handful left from the original production of the Super Deformed Cthulhu
And before too long there will be a special limited edition run of the SDs with some real nifty header card art and a nice little chase figure! I will be sure to post in advance when those will be available.
That's about it for tonight, thanks for checking in!


  1. WANT! Will this greyish blue be the only colorway?

  2. Nah... this is the original piece & to check the sculpting I always prime a piece with flat black and then drybrush a white so I can really see what it looks like & look for defects in the piece.
    I actually just got half the mold poured last night!


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