Monday, February 28, 2011

Plush Imperfecz..... See Creatures are here!

A limit of 7 available pieces, these are all hand made one of a kind plush See Creatures. Just like their little resin counterparts only softer! Each one comes with a good handful of posable tentacles & 1 big cuddly eyeball. Go to the store to pick up your See Creature now before they're gone....

The Imperfecz will be making another appearance later in the year with Imperfecz 1.2 release, and before that we will have a limited edition signed set of hand painted Cthulhu mini-sculpts with a chase figure in the mix!
Keep your eye on this blog for future updates & specials!


  1. Luke these are really cool! Well done!

  2. Thanks Adam! I'm really glad my son talked me into having these made after he fell in love with the See Creature minis.
    I think the next step for the See Creature is a larger resin figure.... more Kaiju like.

  3. those little M.S.C.L.E.S were pretty hot for a while there in the early to mid 80's. they kinda came and went like Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. hot damn i miss all that 80's shit! thanks for stopping by the ROM blog

  4. Still alive and kicking at
    Also I do custom painted versions here and there... I'll have to post here when the next batch gets finished up.

    If anyone has a favorite character from M.U.S.C.L.E. and I have it on hand commission paints start at $15.... well most are just that price unless you need some extra sculpting or decals made.

    And thank you for stopping by as well!


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