Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cthulhu 2.0 test pulls

Looks like I'm going to end up with 3 test pulls for the Cthulhu 2.0 figures. The colourway I used for the 3 test pulls are the test runs for the Cthulhu 1.2 chase figure so they will give an idea of how those will look. When these 3 test pulls are finished up they will go up for sale most likely as an eBay auction or as a board auction at so you better go get an account there before that happens. Well maybe I'll do a combination of those things.

These also have some subtle glow effects to them as well...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunshine, Mortal Kombat, Cthulhu..... what do they all have in common?

They're all on my table right now is what!
Couple of quick WIP pics so maybe you can get a visual of what I have going on around here.... and why it may seem to be a bit of a wait between pieces being available. Check out some of the commission work that I am blessed enough to be able to be working on for some great people.
There are plans for 3 figures in this first commission which started with Sneagator and will follow with 2 more figures from Kinnikuman, currently working on a massive Sunshine figure.

early shot of Sunshine...

That's right, he's hanging out next to the mold of the over 12" claw in the pic just above this one....
OK now a little bit of a 3 piece set commissioned after the claw was finished.

Yup mid way through the second in that set as well...

Also have multiple other projects going on that are a little more behind the scenes.

Recently worked on some test pulls and treatment ideas for Cthulhu 1.2 run, in fact the last 2 people that ordered some of the last of the early run pieces are actually getting test pulls from the new molds that I was developing for the chase figure, so hopefully they will post their reaction here after they get 'em.

Will be working on putting these together very soon & they will be available as soon as I can get them together... so yeah stay tuned!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who likes the buildup to a piece of art?

Who likes to see pencil sketch marks on a finished art piece? Brush strokes, fingerprints? When you can tell where an artist pushed the clay to make a certain shape?
Who likes to see where a piece came from?
Some of my favorite art growing up was very loose in style, had visible sketch marks of some sort in the finished piece, used found objects, didn't fit a set style/period/whatever.... had ADHD....

It is in recognition of that feeling I get when I get closer to the creator of a piece by way of early sketches or napkin drawings that I will be offering test pulls & early concept stuff before we make it to the full release.

Lots of stuff in store coming soon... but because I'm kind of slow on getting my ducks in a row I will give you guys a chance at pieces as they become available... test pulls... prototypes or whatever.

Keep your eyes peeled for OOAK pieces building up to a main event!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan.... Help our friends out in one way or another.... some cool ways to support!

This is tough to look at & we're all that much closer with technology. I haven't personally put anything together yet... but these people have and I want to push as many people there as possible.

Here are some fun ways to donate and/or get some cool stuff out of the deal!

I will be updating this post to bring together all the links to auctions or other cool ways to give back to these people! If I don't have your whatever you're doing to raise money for this cause... contact me!

Gorilla Mouth: Kaiju for Japan
Friend's eBay auctions going to the relief effort
Another friend's eBay auctions going to the relief effort....

Alright contact me if I need to add yours!!!

By now I'm sure all of you have heard of the terrible destruction that has rocked Japan. I also know that some of you have probably already ..."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cthulhu 1.2 ???????

CardArt By EricNilla!

A lot of you are probably familiar with my Super Deformed Cthulhu sculpt that has been floating around since the early inception of the Imperfecz. He tried to fit in with those guys... but he eventually realized he was just a bit awkward around them & kinda needed his own space. He is a unique individual & just needed to break out on his own.
So for his first time away from the group... he will be making his solo debut in the near future with Imperfecz new release: Cthulhu 1.2

This will be a limited edition with 2 colorways slated and a slightly elusive chase figure. These guys will be blind bagged with sweet header card art that you might just possibly die without....

More information will be available as we get closer to the release.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last of the early cast stuff.... Imperfecz.... Cthulhu

Just thought I'd let everyone know that the pieces in my eBay store will be ending as new releases pop up. I have some Cthulhus & Imperfecz left from the early casts and as the more refined releases come out these will be no longer available.
The full on SD Cthulhu 1.2 reboot release is coming up in the very near future & then these guys here will be removed.
After that.... Imperfecz 1.2 will be released and when that happens these guys will be removed.
These 2 eBay listings are basically early casts that were done when I was selling at toy/comic/scifi/horror/indy/whatever show/cons in Sacramento area.... now that I've switched states things have been building momentum, but I haven't been selling at any local shows here, just online. So if you want any of this early release stuff, now is the time.... cuz times they are a changin!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Battle Beast - M.U.S.C.L.E. Mashup Cthulhu!

OK so this one is still down the road a bit... but I thought you might like a little taste of a future offering....

It's still a bit down the road before this one will see any type of production as I still have a bunch of stuff ahead of it, but I was just too excited about how this one is coming together and thought everyone might enjoy a taste.

There are still a handful left from the original production of the Super Deformed Cthulhu
And before too long there will be a special limited edition run of the SDs with some real nifty header card art and a nice little chase figure! I will be sure to post in advance when those will be available.
That's about it for tonight, thanks for checking in!