Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Infestors grew out of the gene-splicing experimentation. They were an off-shoot branch from the facility that birthed Sewerstein. Roach DNA was being worked into the program, and developed into an entire program unto itself.

Sewerstein hinted about work being done with another species. We only recently managed to gain these images as we've managed to track a handful of grunts.

The minimal knowledge we have of the work has been gleaned from notes recovered from the facility. The mutant tribe has been researching, and trying to locate the underground dwelling insectoid faction for some time now. They believe they share a common goal, and can be of help to each other. Survival... survival in the struggle against the dominant society of this plane. The perfected race that would sweep them under the rug, or wipe them out entirely.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sewerstein: The Maniac from the Cesspool

In an underground research facility, specializing in gene-splicing and chimeral engineering, an abomination was born.

Created from parts of numerous sewer-dwelling reptiles, as well as spare parts from abducted homeless citizens, Sewerstein was The Facility's last attempt at reptile hybridization.

They attempted to create a super-animal for military application, but the monster (nicknamed "Sewerstein" by the surgeons that created him) proved to be less than obedient... And was scheduled for termination. Unbeknownst to the Facility, he had become self-aware and independent and had escaped.
The Facility has taken special interest in retrieving Sewerstein but armed with his super-strength, super-durable hide, and his weaponized cybernetic arm, he will be difficult to reclaim. Since his escape they have turned to another species, to continue their quest in creating anthropomorphic super soldiers.