Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goo & Roo Fight Bros! Blurble X Imperfecz

Introducing Goo and Roo fight bros! These two brothers love to wrestle and are both professional wrestles in the WWSW (World Wide Slacker Wrestlers) Goo and Roo have been kit bashed and the heads have been sculpted by Blurble ( They were brought to life in rubber form by Luke from Imperfecztoys. They will be available this Sunday @ 12pm pst on You get two each for the price of $20 and they are limited to only 4 sets.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#Dirtythievingbootleggers Winners Announced!

My beautiful assistant drew 3 names from the old pub mix tube tonight....

We have 3 winners....  each to pick a prize in order.

3rd prize goes to Bagface

2nd prize would be Adam Goode

And first prize? Well first prize goes to show.... it pays off to get as many entries in as possible....

1st is same as 3rd! So yeah Bagface you get to pick 1st and 3rd, Adam you get 2nd choice.

Here's your prize choices. Get ahold of me here or on and let me know your choices.

First up 1 custom painted by non-artist CapsuleBot
3 Pack of M.I.S.T.E.R.S. LoboKeshi in rubber
2 pack of Mutants Resin Kits
1 Translucent Yellow Glitter LoboKeshi
1 of each Series 1 & 2 Cheap Crappy Zombie Toys
1 Clear Purple Resin Sux Cthulhu

Hope you all had fun. It was great seeing a little sample of bootleg & custom work in the pics. Keep spreading the #dirtythievingbootleggers & look out for some more new stuff in the near future.