Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrap Sandayu Raffle Winners!

Alright alright... here we go....

3rd prize goes to Soupie 

2nd prize goes to.... Philippe Richard

1st prize... for the full set of 10 keshi... Scrap Sandayu... bootleg... nice soft rubber... ok ok ok ...

Jamison Dion. 

A serious thank you to those that participated this time around! I will be running one for a custom painted CapsuleBot in the near future!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Raffle: First Prize = Full Set Of Flesh Scrap Sandayu Bootlegs

1st place prize of a full set of Scrap Sandayu figures cast in traditional flesh rubber by me.

2nd place prize is a custom painted M.U.S.C.L.E. figure

3rd place prize is a 35% off discount code for one entire purchase out of this store.

Drawing will run from Friday March 16th until midnight Saturday the 24th
Winners will be announced via the blog the following Sunday. Winners will also receive a confirmation email when names are drawn.




Photo by Chad Perry

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Customer Customs Round 2

Sometime.... rarely but sometimes people shoot pics of toys I've made as they end up in their collection.... even more rare they make customs of my pieces and shoot pictures for me!!! Well this is time for another round of these. Awesome to see others take on these characters!

First up we have a rough blank CapsuleBot that went out to a good friend and long time trading/buying/selling/commissioning customer in the broadest sense of the word ha!

These pieces show up rough so I think he kinda went with it and made the dome rough too! The rough CapsuleBots are perfect for customizers who are maybe going to be doing some carving and sanding before going to town on it anyways... perfect to paint on or go wild with it. And the arms are articulated via super strong magnets in the shoulder and arm. These show up at your door rough cleaned, meaning I take the main flashing and excess plastic & make 'em balance and the 2" capsule seats. I have plenty of finished ones in the store as well, and if you want a cleaned ready to paint DIY version just shoot me a message.

Next we have some customs you might recognize the style from last time. Walter has customized a couple of See Creatures and.... well... you want to just hear it in his words?

And we have another HERE!

Please if you have either customs or shots of my work amongst your collection... shoot me a message with them and we'll get it up here as well!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rise of the Beasts!!

This project needs a little shot in the arm....

Personally I really want to see these guys come through! There are just so many possibilities for customization here from paint apps to really digging into the toys and making them your own. This project will go on if the kickstarter doesn't fund... however the per piece cost will likely put them out of range for me to really want to go cutting into them... this is why I am really hoping toy lovers out there who want better toys at retail will back yet another awesome idea.

More JunkBots found on Earth

After two months with no sightings, another couple of robots have been spotted!

If you want a really close look click HERE

We still don’t know why the NanoBots have been creating these. We caught it masquerading as a piece of litter, and only coming out when the coast was clear. IntelBot gathers data, but for what? We don’t know yet. And he’s still doing it now, even while we’re studying him. Maybe he’s gathering info for new ScrapBots? Who knows!

We can’t be certain of why they’re here, but even JunkBots need repair sometimes. This little one has been observed cutting up pieces of scrap metal and taking them away, probably to fix or build other little machines. The only problem is, he keeps escaping us before we can find out what he does with it all! Maybe he’s removing useful parts for new ScrapBots? Or maybe he’s trying to fix others. Maybe if we catch one like him, we can find out!

Storyline by: John Morey

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New transmission concerning CapsuleBots

Nicknamed “EyeBill,” this type of CapsuleBot is designed for scouting and spying, finding new locations for its mechanical brethren. EyeBill’s artificially-engineered eye pilot is protected by a reinforced transparent dome, specially constructed to survive all kinds of harsh terrain. Anything an EyeBill sees is processed in its own internal computers, and then sent directly back to its masters.

Storyline by: John Morey

Scrap Sandayu Sets Available

After a Critique/Review by University of M.U.S.C.L.E. of the Scrap Sandayu bootlegs... they are now available as sets in the Imperfecz store.

These sets will come in 2 clear bags with bootleg header cards and slipped into some nifty new Imperfecz packaging! Here's a couple shots of the packaging for you to get a taste.

The back card slides out so you can remove the bagged figures, and easily slides back on if you want to use for display.

Here's a shot from the University of M.U.S.C.L.E. review of the figures themselves.