Sunday, March 11, 2012

Customer Customs Round 2

Sometime.... rarely but sometimes people shoot pics of toys I've made as they end up in their collection.... even more rare they make customs of my pieces and shoot pictures for me!!! Well this is time for another round of these. Awesome to see others take on these characters!

First up we have a rough blank CapsuleBot that went out to a good friend and long time trading/buying/selling/commissioning customer in the broadest sense of the word ha!

These pieces show up rough so I think he kinda went with it and made the dome rough too! The rough CapsuleBots are perfect for customizers who are maybe going to be doing some carving and sanding before going to town on it anyways... perfect to paint on or go wild with it. And the arms are articulated via super strong magnets in the shoulder and arm. These show up at your door rough cleaned, meaning I take the main flashing and excess plastic & make 'em balance and the 2" capsule seats. I have plenty of finished ones in the store as well, and if you want a cleaned ready to paint DIY version just shoot me a message.

Next we have some customs you might recognize the style from last time. Walter has customized a couple of See Creatures and.... well... you want to just hear it in his words?

And we have another HERE!

Please if you have either customs or shots of my work amongst your collection... shoot me a message with them and we'll get it up here as well!

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