Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Final installment for Infestors?

There are some other directions planned for the Infestors, but as far as this current series, the final installment is on the horizon.

This time around, the Hunters become the prey...


Meanwhile Sewerstein finds a kindred?

Then we finally get to catch up with Moxley!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Infestors Set B LIVE!

Infestors Set B is all ready to go! Limited to 10 sets, each comes with 2 new Infestors, and the second build-a-figure piece. Set C is set to release in September.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Infestors coming SOON!

Infestors set B coming soon...

2 new figures and a new build-a-figure piece.
Limited run of 10 sets for the full package deal.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Infestors - Joining the Fight!

Wanted to spotlight a few places that have been a source of entertainment, information, and inspiration for a while now. Recently they have spread the word on Infestors, and provided some in-depth reviews, complete with wonderful photography, and some critique.

I respect these guys a lot, and always enjoy their work. Just wanted to say a little thank you, and hopefully pass along these great spots to some new people who haven't ran across them yet.

I will list these guys in order of the Infestors reviews. Each site is equally worthwhile in their own area.

First we have Little Weirdos.

You can get lost for hours, even days on this site. You will likely go broke.... after you discover many toy lines you didn't know existed, and now can't live without. Remembering a mini figure from your childhood, but can't put a name to? Yeah, it's probably here. Come back often, there's always something new and awesome on here!

Second we will visit the University of M.U.S.C.L.E.

This place is exactly what it says. The approach of this site is that of a university. You will be schooled on all things M.U.S.C.L.E. and everything in its orbit. On the far fringe of that are independent toys, mostly of the mini figure variety. That's where the Infestors fit in. Again, you can get lost forever on this site as well. There's plenty to read through, you will learn lots! There is even a bit to get you a good start on a Monday... Professor Terry typically submits a Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musing

The proprietor of this particular site has gone and offered a free set of Infestors, with minimal effort on your part. Yep, you can win a free set, by simply spreading the word about Infestors via social media, and other ways. Hit up the link for full details.

Last, but by no means least Nerditis.

This guy reviews all kinds of toys. Just like the other two sites, I am honored to have Ironhause and my work featured here. His reviews are always honest, and like Little Weirdos, his photography is always fun. UofM takes a more clinical approach, which makes sense given the format. I am thankful for this guy's reviews as they've helped point me in the right direction on plenty of occasions. Dodged a few bullets as well.

All three of these spots are very informative, and different. I would bookmark the lot, and visit often!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Infestors Exiled

Infestors Exile

In light of this new directive, Moxley devised an off-site facility under the guise of survival and combat training. This was the story he fed his colleagues. Working quickly, using grunts to shuffle equipment, he built a satellite facility. Meanwhile he carried out his orders while the others carried on with their work. Once all was in place, he had his top specimens transferred for training. Remaining research in hand, he lit the facility up.

Infestors Invasion

We pick up several decades later. Moxley has continued his work all along... working underground, creating a society, a race. The Infestors ranks had grown to legions. They spent more, and more time above ground. Finding allies amongst the Mutants, and learning of the Hunters. Still unknown to the Hunters, some have made prey of the predators. Ghosts of the desert.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Battle Packs!!!

BATTLE PACKS Available Now!

Embroiled in battle, grimy, and spattered with blood... they fight on!
if you want your shipment held to ride along with Infestors available July 4th.
We will adjust final shipping cost as well, and refund the difference if there is one.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Infestors Genocide

Infestors were developed in the same vain as the Mutants. This was a sub-group originally charged with increasing survivability. Eyes turned to roaches, because of their ability to adapt. Military applications started to be explored as the project developed. Momentum had built on this project, plenty of variations were near perfection.

Once full integration into the main objective was complete... meaning the necessary genetic components of adaptation had been combined with "the ones"... the remaining side projects were given a cease and desist.

The order came down to Moxley, the head geneticist for the roach/insect isolation and integration project. The properties had been attained, and everything was running smoothly. All further research and development was unnecessary. The facility and all it's inhabitants were to be incinerated. They wanted no trace of their history. This wasn't going to be like the early days. They weren't going to turn these out to the wastelands, to sink or swim. The Mutants that were let loose proved to be more capable of living off the land than originally thought. They had even reproduced, formed tribes. If the roaches are set free... with all their added capabilities? The results could prove disastrous.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

#Infestors Invading From Ironhaus and Imperfecz July 4th

Infestors are the latest offering from Ironhauspro x Imperfecz. We let loose a taste of these earlier with the Grunts which were available in a short run. Now the first two, in a series of six Infestors sculpted by Ironhaus and myself are ready to crawl onto your toy shelves!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Infestors grew out of the gene-splicing experimentation. They were an off-shoot branch from the facility that birthed Sewerstein. Roach DNA was being worked into the program, and developed into an entire program unto itself.

Sewerstein hinted about work being done with another species. We only recently managed to gain these images as we've managed to track a handful of grunts.

The minimal knowledge we have of the work has been gleaned from notes recovered from the facility. The mutant tribe has been researching, and trying to locate the underground dwelling insectoid faction for some time now. They believe they share a common goal, and can be of help to each other. Survival... survival in the struggle against the dominant society of this plane. The perfected race that would sweep them under the rug, or wipe them out entirely.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sewerstein: The Maniac from the Cesspool

In an underground research facility, specializing in gene-splicing and chimeral engineering, an abomination was born.

Created from parts of numerous sewer-dwelling reptiles, as well as spare parts from abducted homeless citizens, Sewerstein was The Facility's last attempt at reptile hybridization.

They attempted to create a super-animal for military application, but the monster (nicknamed "Sewerstein" by the surgeons that created him) proved to be less than obedient... And was scheduled for termination. Unbeknownst to the Facility, he had become self-aware and independent and had escaped.
The Facility has taken special interest in retrieving Sewerstein but armed with his super-strength, super-durable hide, and his weaponized cybernetic arm, he will be difficult to reclaim. Since his escape they have turned to another species, to continue their quest in creating anthropomorphic super soldiers.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Introducing BracHaeng

BracHaeng comes to the mutant clan with some baggage. His story begins in early days of biomechanical experimentation. Flesh melds with metal and wiring. Worked into one of the two malformed arms is an advanced cutting tool, or weapon depending on the use he puts it to. Developed to cut through any known material with concentrated vibrations of sound. The effects on flesh are devastating.

He found freedom before the cleansing. See, these earlier experimentation's were found to be crude, and not deserving of the perfection that the society was striving for. The dark stain was cleaned up, pushed under a rug, forgotten.

BracHaeng remembers. Gentle, kind, and helpful to his newly found friends. However, every agonizing moment of existence reminds him of his origin and intended fate.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meet Godo

After making contact with the "Mutants" several meetings  were set up with them in the Imperfecz zone, to learn more about the realm they come from. The first to talk to us was Godo.

Godo might seem a bit odd to our eyes... in fact he would seem odd to the inhabitants of his own world.
What Godo has told us of the tribe of mutants he belongs to is, they are outcasts. Their world's main inhabitants are a  "perfected" society. These are the leftovers and rejects, products of countless decades of genetic experimentation. This tribe consists of survivors. Midway experiments, missing links.

In Godo's case, he came from a department that dealt with "spare parts". Limbs grown, amputated, grafted in and regrown, amputated again. It takes a lot of broken eggs to perfect various parts. This would be one of the darker points in the history of their history. Early works. Along with a lot of documentation, tools, equipment, Godo was left a jumble of parts and pieces. Cobbled together, not quite a whole person.

This is just one of the many things the main society on his world are kept from. What got them there. Wiped from their history. They exist in the wastelands deemed uninhabitable.