Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Infestors Genocide

Infestors were developed in the same vain as the Mutants. This was a sub-group originally charged with increasing survivability. Eyes turned to roaches, because of their ability to adapt. Military applications started to be explored as the project developed. Momentum had built on this project, plenty of variations were near perfection.

Once full integration into the main objective was complete... meaning the necessary genetic components of adaptation had been combined with "the ones"... the remaining side projects were given a cease and desist.

The order came down to Moxley, the head geneticist for the roach/insect isolation and integration project. The properties had been attained, and everything was running smoothly. All further research and development was unnecessary. The facility and all it's inhabitants were to be incinerated. They wanted no trace of their history. This wasn't going to be like the early days. They weren't going to turn these out to the wastelands, to sink or swim. The Mutants that were let loose proved to be more capable of living off the land than originally thought. They had even reproduced, formed tribes. If the roaches are set free... with all their added capabilities? The results could prove disastrous.

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