Friday, December 23, 2011

NanoBots on the loose!

Apparently we have had some escaped NanoBots running around.... these guys have been building larger robots out of various found objects. The motivation behind these little guys is unclear as so far their only work that we have seen is this CollectorBot. Through careful study we have concluded that he was designed to scavenge useful bits to aid in the construction of more Bots. However.... looks more like this little guy has suffered some head damage, got lost and has been collecting random rusty bits of junk for quite some time now. We are under the impression that these guys are generally very advanced and the only reason we were able to capture him is because.... well.... he got knocked kinda stupid.

You can pick this little guy up here!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New planet found in the multiverse! Living Ice

OK new to us... but apparently a big tourist area for some time. This is a planet of living ice... everything on this planet is comprised of the ice... every visitor slowly taken over by this crystalline substance. This living force runs through the body and every cell, until you are a living embodiment of ice.
This is apparently the main attraction of this popular vacation spot. Imagine being a completely different creature in an alien environment for a set time?
There is a process before you leave to extract the symbiotic substance and return you to your former self before leaving. In order for this planet to stay alive, you can't just go taking pieces of it with you when you leave.

Here are some images we were able to get...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

CthulhuBot 2 and a little Cthulhu sidekick!

This second custom Cthulhu CapsuleBot was taken from a slightly more realistic approach. This time around the bot has been submerged awaiting Cthulhu's return...
Being submerged as long as it has it has acquired a ton of damage, rust, things growing all over from the incalculable time it has spent just waiting to emerge from the depths of the abyss bringing the terror of Cthulhu to the surface!
There is also a tentacled entity living inside this biomechanical shell, this vehicle of doom!

Mixed in the Glow Powder that I used for the resin on the Battle Beast Cthulhu with the paint for the tentacles... so this guy has some real fun glow effects to it.

Now for another Cthulhu piece that's a little more for fun.

The head part being a separate piece allowed it to be 2 figures in 1.... or is it 3 since the second creature is halfway through devouring a victim?