Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cthulhu Mighty Mugg 2 on ebay now!

The first run was great! This time around I went into a lot more detail and texture experimentation.

The main body portion has been treated with an emulsion technique to add a great organic heavy texture over all.
This technique allows for some great depth and highlighting/drybrush fun when I got to the painting stage.

The tentacles are all fully posable so Cthulhu can grasp one or a few victims while he picks the best one to eat first.
There is a very organic feel to the tentacles as well as some great pearl mixed in with the colors so they stand out from the rest of the colors.. just enough.

The wings... yes I started with a Mighty Mugg cape, cut it, then layered it with a very textured thin rubber skin.

He has been painted with varying techniques and great care has been taken to get the most out of all the textures.
During the painting process and afterwards he has been sealed to protect against wear and keep the paint looking good.
After all was said and done I used some semi gloss varnish to accentuate the eyes.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Junkbot at the gallery Cthulhu Mighty Mugg comes home

Just thought I'd post a few teaser pics of the Junkbot from Halfbad Toyz I custom painted! He's currently at The Rusted Nail Gallery so these are just some quick snaps with him in the case...

OK so now it's time to get a clearer picture of the Cthulhu Mighty Mugg since he's back and done hanging out at the gallery... and awaiting his chance to go up on auction slated for Wednesday the 29th.
This guy is an exploration of varying textures and features some great posable tentacles so he can grip a victim or two!
Alright enough of my running at the mouth... here you go!

And thanks for your support!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mortal Kombat Commissions!

These pieces were shipped off to their home the other day & I thought I'd share.
These were like 6" figures and he wanted kind of statuettes of both Scorpion and Sub-Zero... ok well there's going to be a Goro as well provided he's happy with these two when he gets 'em.
I love when I have the time to do commissions... people always push you into directions you might not think about one way or another...
Alright here's his idea made flesh... er plastic, Aves, rubber, stuff ok stuff I made 'em outta stuff!

Aaaaannnd I just realized I never got any really good final shots with these guys and their Ice and Harpoon thing in place and aaaaarrrrrgh! I guess I'll just have to beg the owner to pleeeease take some great shots and shoot them to me?? Please when they show!

Cthulhu sneak peek & The Rusted Nail Gallery!

Alright for a bit now the 2nd Cthulhu Mighty Mugg I've done
has been residing at The Rusted Nail Gallery.

Here's some teaser shots of him with a couple of the Cthulhu 1.2 figures.

Maybe when I finish up my Junkbot from Halfbad Toyz I'll swap it,
 so I can get some good shots of the varying textures used on this Cthulhu.

When you walk up to the place you're greeted with this massive robot!

Lurking behind him are these two characters.
Who doesn't love gas masks?

Aaaaannnd rust!

Ok I have a few ray gun ideas that have been simmering in the noggin for a while

Mr. Tetanus!

I ran in and snapped some shots during a lull at their vinyl blowout sale.

Well saw a lot of cool stuff while I was there guess it's a good thing I showed up sans money.

If you're in town check 'em out... if not go here and tell 'em Imperfecz sent you.