Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mortal Kombat Commissions!

These pieces were shipped off to their home the other day & I thought I'd share.
These were like 6" figures and he wanted kind of statuettes of both Scorpion and Sub-Zero... ok well there's going to be a Goro as well provided he's happy with these two when he gets 'em.
I love when I have the time to do commissions... people always push you into directions you might not think about one way or another...
Alright here's his idea made flesh... er plastic, Aves, rubber, stuff ok stuff I made 'em outta stuff!

Aaaaannnd I just realized I never got any really good final shots with these guys and their Ice and Harpoon thing in place and aaaaarrrrrgh! I guess I'll just have to beg the owner to pleeeease take some great shots and shoot them to me?? Please when they show!

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