Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rise of the Beasts!

Busy with this, that, and the other thing... plenty of new stuff in the works, new monsters discovered, some more exploration into the Mutants, Infestors, and Hunters to be seen...

HOWEVER what's happening now, on another front, is RISE OF THE BEASTS!!! These guys are amazing, and I am very proud to have a very small hand in helping bring them to the table.

A lot of people put in a lot of effort to get this line going. I was a supporter of the original Kickstarter and have stuck by them ever since. Every time we heard some progress I would get excited again. Jon took the long road of self funding the project to deliver what was promised. I was blown away when asked if I would work on the prototyping for the first run. Really?? That's a question?!?!

Now that the figures have been out for a bit, my kids and I have a pile together. These guys are great! I keep them at my desk at work, as well as at home. The wait was more than worth it! Thanks for bringing these to us guys, and for letting me have a small part in it all.

If you haven't already..... do yourself a favor and GO GET A SET NOW!!

I decided to paint a set of the black I had ordered because I've been dying to paint them since I saw the originals! These guys are as much fun to paint as I expected, or more. They are completely packed with detail, and the material accepts paint beautifully.

I put both the Rhino and the Scorpion on eBay, so go for it if you're into painted figures, or know someone who is.

Here's some shots for you, thanks for checking in.