Wednesday, June 24, 2015

DOOM Götter Wave 2

...and starts dipping into another, more recent lore.. with Chupacabra!

Add a handful of new buildings to the assortment, and you have a fairly hefty second wave of DOOM Götter. Check the first wave while you're at the store as well, new colors have been added to Baka-Kujira
The buildings are available as a random assortment of 5 or 10 and work great for displaying pretty much any kaiju figures. In my house, they're used for game play as well.
Here's a look at the full assortment as of wave 2.


Last, but by no means least, I wanted to point out a couple of write ups on these guys. Both of these are written by some pretty great guys, and I'm honored to be included. Love the photography as well, these guys make our work shine for sure!
Loving the depth in this article. As always, it is great to hear Frank's take and insight into our work. Still can't believe what a great job you did capturing the hot pink color, didn't think that would be possible.
John's encyclopedic knowledge of a range of mythologies and the like, always lend a unique view. I love reading his thoughts on these pieces, and where they lead his mind. John picked the Purple/Green color shift option when purchasing and added a wash as well. I thought it looked really cool going out, but assumed they would be maddeningly difficult to photograph... he proved me wrong with some amazing shots!
Seriously honored you guys took the time to pick these up, and have them included in your reviews. Thanks guys!!