Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cthulhu sneak peek & The Rusted Nail Gallery!

Alright for a bit now the 2nd Cthulhu Mighty Mugg I've done
has been residing at The Rusted Nail Gallery.

Here's some teaser shots of him with a couple of the Cthulhu 1.2 figures.

Maybe when I finish up my Junkbot from Halfbad Toyz I'll swap it,
 so I can get some good shots of the varying textures used on this Cthulhu.

When you walk up to the place you're greeted with this massive robot!

Lurking behind him are these two characters.
Who doesn't love gas masks?

Aaaaannnd rust!

Ok I have a few ray gun ideas that have been simmering in the noggin for a while

Mr. Tetanus!

I ran in and snapped some shots during a lull at their vinyl blowout sale.

Well saw a lot of cool stuff while I was there guess it's a good thing I showed up sans money.

If you're in town check 'em out... if not go here and tell 'em Imperfecz sent you.

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