Friday, July 4, 2014

Infestors Exiled

Infestors Exile

In light of this new directive, Moxley devised an off-site facility under the guise of survival and combat training. This was the story he fed his colleagues. Working quickly, using grunts to shuffle equipment, he built a satellite facility. Meanwhile he carried out his orders while the others carried on with their work. Once all was in place, he had his top specimens transferred for training. Remaining research in hand, he lit the facility up.

Infestors Invasion

We pick up several decades later. Moxley has continued his work all along... working underground, creating a society, a race. The Infestors ranks had grown to legions. They spent more, and more time above ground. Finding allies amongst the Mutants, and learning of the Hunters. Still unknown to the Hunters, some have made prey of the predators. Ghosts of the desert.

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