Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Introducing BracHaeng

BracHaeng comes to the mutant clan with some baggage. His story begins in early days of biomechanical experimentation. Flesh melds with metal and wiring. Worked into one of the two malformed arms is an advanced cutting tool, or weapon depending on the use he puts it to. Developed to cut through any known material with concentrated vibrations of sound. The effects on flesh are devastating.

He found freedom before the cleansing. See, these earlier experimentation's were found to be crude, and not deserving of the perfection that the society was striving for. The dark stain was cleaned up, pushed under a rug, forgotten.

BracHaeng remembers. Gentle, kind, and helpful to his newly found friends. However, every agonizing moment of existence reminds him of his origin and intended fate.

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