Monday, March 5, 2012

More JunkBots found on Earth

After two months with no sightings, another couple of robots have been spotted!

If you want a really close look click HERE

We still don’t know why the NanoBots have been creating these. We caught it masquerading as a piece of litter, and only coming out when the coast was clear. IntelBot gathers data, but for what? We don’t know yet. And he’s still doing it now, even while we’re studying him. Maybe he’s gathering info for new ScrapBots? Who knows!

We can’t be certain of why they’re here, but even JunkBots need repair sometimes. This little one has been observed cutting up pieces of scrap metal and taking them away, probably to fix or build other little machines. The only problem is, he keeps escaping us before we can find out what he does with it all! Maybe he’s removing useful parts for new ScrapBots? Or maybe he’s trying to fix others. Maybe if we catch one like him, we can find out!

Storyline by: John Morey

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