Friday, March 18, 2011

Who likes the buildup to a piece of art?

Who likes to see pencil sketch marks on a finished art piece? Brush strokes, fingerprints? When you can tell where an artist pushed the clay to make a certain shape?
Who likes to see where a piece came from?
Some of my favorite art growing up was very loose in style, had visible sketch marks of some sort in the finished piece, used found objects, didn't fit a set style/period/whatever.... had ADHD....

It is in recognition of that feeling I get when I get closer to the creator of a piece by way of early sketches or napkin drawings that I will be offering test pulls & early concept stuff before we make it to the full release.

Lots of stuff in store coming soon... but because I'm kind of slow on getting my ducks in a row I will give you guys a chance at pieces as they become available... test pulls... prototypes or whatever.

Keep your eyes peeled for OOAK pieces building up to a main event!


  1. hmm this seems similar to the conversation we had. i love seeing brush strokes in works of art. i personally will go to a gallery and view a piece and look at the picture as a whole first. then i move in close and see the brush strokes and see how the artist did some things. then i like to move back and forth from near to far to find the point where i can no longer tell what the piece is and only see the individual components. then i move slightly back and see the whole picture again. by moving back and forth in that way, i can really tell how the piece was done and it what order. i love seeing that kind of thing because i gives me a sense of connection to the artist

  2. Yeah..... that conversation kind of had me thinking in few directions... funny how that all works?


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