Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last of the early cast stuff.... Imperfecz.... Cthulhu

Just thought I'd let everyone know that the pieces in my eBay store will be ending as new releases pop up. I have some Cthulhus & Imperfecz left from the early casts and as the more refined releases come out these will be no longer available.
The full on SD Cthulhu 1.2 reboot release is coming up in the very near future & then these guys here will be removed.
After that.... Imperfecz 1.2 will be released and when that happens these guys will be removed.
These 2 eBay listings are basically early casts that were done when I was selling at toy/comic/scifi/horror/indy/whatever show/cons in Sacramento area.... now that I've switched states things have been building momentum, but I haven't been selling at any local shows here, just online. So if you want any of this early release stuff, now is the time.... cuz times they are a changin!

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