Saturday, November 12, 2011

Store Expansion & updates!

I have been expanding the store to include more stuff lately. I will continue to add products and change things out here and there. For now there are a whole bunch of new products sitting in the store so go check it out! I will continue to update as I go so check in often, but for now I have series 2 Cheap Crappy Zombie Toys available as well as a few series 1 left, some blank CapsuleBot resin kits, 1 custom CapsuleBot the "Heavy Gunner" along with some of the old favorites Mr. Lobo mini figures and Plush See Creatures.

Keep your eyes open as I will be running a new raffle really soon where you will have a chance to win a painted CapsuleBot for a buck!

Plenty of new stuff coming so yeah check in often. Also going to have some coupons available to some of my faithful customers and also some offers via Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

Thanks for checking in and come back often for new stuff!

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