Friday, November 4, 2011

Designer Con Releases: Custom CapsuleBots & Series 2 Zombies

Stop by booth 113 at Designer Con to check out all kinds of resin goodies! In addition to some of some of my old favorites like the Mr. Lobo mini figures and a handful of Imperfecz I will be offering a series 2 of Cheap Crappy Zombie Toys. These guys offer more articulation than series 1 and still pack in plenty of bloody gory goodness. Here are a couple of my favorites out of this run.

Also will be offering the CapsuleBot for the first time outside of Google+ resin kit version offered early. I will have a handful of painted versions from the Zombies vs. Robots gallery show as well as 3 fully customized pieces. I had a lot of fun changing up the original design and painting these guys up.

First up we have a biomechanical CapsuleBot with Cthulhu as a driver. This piece features all kinds of tentacled goodness!

Next is a mercenary... this guy infiltrates front lines hunting specific targets. In addition to the weaponry shown here he has an additional rotating gun on his left shoulder that didn't quite make it into the picture.. so you'll have to drop by booth #113 to see him in his full glory.

Finally... the heavy gunner! He clears a path of destruction when you need a path cut through your enemies. He has a fair share of nicks and scratches but that's mostly shrapnel he didn't bother to dodge.

So yeah... come by booth #113 and pick one of these guys up while you can. I will have a small handful of rough resin kit CapsuleBots on hand for those that want to craft their own piece as well as a handful of non customized painted bots.

See you there!


  1. wow, you out did yourself on these~!

  2. OMFG! i MUST have cthulu bot!!!
    that is SO fraking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks guys! Nice to hear feedback. I will be making some special offers on just ahead of expanding the store so keep your eyes open if you want to pick one of these guys up!


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