Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Multi Dimensional Universe Discovered?

By a freak accident while investigating and studying a faceted multi dimensional universe where creatures belonging to separate dimensions coexist. This is a pinpoint in all galaxies but it's own space here.... what happened during the study of all these various beings, and their interactions with things that to their mind shouldn't exist is... well... hard to even put words to...

The result of the accident is... another dimension all together... one that is currently holding captive a small handful of beings from different spaces. Some are even parallel dimension versions of the same creature/person/creaturepersonthing. This last part makes it really distracting as they try to devise a way out of here!

The tinkering scientist who provided the catalyst for this little experiment is trying also to correct this and get everyone back to their place of origin... we think. This seems to of been a mistake... and if he is just brilliant that may be it... but it is always hard to tell where that line between genius and insanity lies... and more importantly which side your subject is standing on.

Try to help liberate these guys so they don't have to live out the rest of their existence in this place.

Below is a grainy image we managed to capture as well as a link so you can help.....

You can help liberate these guys by going here.....

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