Monday, April 25, 2011

Cthulhu 1.2 is now available!!!

Check HERE

They're up & I fixed the price on the 3 pack.

Blind bagged and $20 each as singles or $50 for a 3 pack. The first 3 sets purchased will contain 1 of each colorway including the chase figure well there have been 2 sales of 3 packs so there's only one left that contains a guaranteed full set of all 3 colorways. After that it is a random 3 pack. Prices listed are before shipping.

And I'm a schmuck because I didn't lead with the strongest card in my hand....

That's right the awesome card art from Eric Nilla that just completes the whole package literally & figuratively.


  1. Yeah no kidding! I'll get this down sooner or later.... got a bunch of commissions on the table as well as the other stuff but.... should we work on getting a poster out?

  2. got mine just now!!!! awesome!!!! i love them! great work as always l.designs. i love that you did them for me ;)


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