Monday, April 25, 2011

Cthulhu 1.2 Release Details on the Colorways

Here's some pics of the colorways offered in this release.

First up is an inkwash treatment. This is a hand mixed transparent ink color that has been layered up to create a patina finish. This is how I would picture a Cthulhu idol to be colored, very organic and freeform color.

And with this one I stepped outside of my normal comfort zone as far as painting. Normally I start with a black undercoat followed by drybrushing white then I build my colors from there. This time I started with a white primer and also swapped out my normal color pallet for more vibrant colors and used a pearlizing medium for the main body color. All these colors were slowly built up until I achieved a look that I loved even being completely outside of how I normally work. The wings are a blend of metallic copper colors and the tentacles are fairly neon green,

Last but certainly not least we have the chase figure which looks pretty simple at first glance... I started these guys out with a clear resin with green dye & then mixed in some crazy glow in the dark green. After that I proceeded to cover them in the same ink from the inked pieces. Spent some time adding the ink & wiping it off until it showed enough of the detail but still let in light to charge the glow. There are only 7 of the chase figures out of the 37 pieces & only 2 of those ended up having the bead eyes, the rest have cast painted eyes.


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