Friday, May 20, 2011

Imperfecz "B toys" ready to go!

These are my B Movies Toys!!!
The idea here is to make a toy tribute to B Movies.... the low budget tie in is these are dollar store army men... cheap toys. Depending on the reception I would like to do some more B movie tribute toys down the road.
For now we have these 8 Cheap Crappy Zombie Toys
This set is going to be released at a small venue toy show this coming Saturday, but there's a pre sale going on over at (EDIT: Just realized this link doesn't work great if you aren't signed into an account on so do that first) so get over there and look in the Member Blog section for a thread with the same title as this post. Reply in that thread if you want one of these before they go up locally with the remains going for auction on eBay. Haven't set a price point with these guys yet but the pre order price will be $25 so check Littlerubberguys for the full details and a chance to pick one of these now!

Here's some shots to hold you over till the main course!


  1. whoa, these turned out great!

  2. Awesome work! I love the trailing innards guy!

  3. Thanks guys! These are all bagged and carded and ready to go!!
    Going to have a table tomorrow with these and Cthulhu and even some old friends out (what's left of the early Imperfecz stuff... oh yeah Mr. Lobo toys and even some of Rampage toys stuff!

  4. ya know, i used to cut arms and legs off of army men and paint em red for casualties. i totally love how these remind me of that. big ass zombie army men!

  5. Yeah I inherited a mass of trashed G.I. Joe pieces.... hmmmmmmm

  6. ZOMBIES!!!!
    Other wise known as Target Practice!!!
    These are sweet.


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