Tuesday, May 17, 2011

B Movie Love....

Growing up in a time of Planet of the Apes, Godzilla, Harryhausen, Flash Gordon, various wonderful 50s era Sci-Fi movies, and a boatload of cartoons before that to fill Saturdays... moving on to graduate to a love for a mix of the same with plenty of Monty Python and B movies for a good while there to cultivate into fond memories and fuel for creations for years to come.
This is where my head is at as I think of ways to take others back to those mornings, afternoons, evenings and eventually late nights watching great bad movies and sometimes just plain bad movies....
The Nailgun Massacre
"Because it's cheaper"
A period of feeding on all the zombie movies you could find & watching them one after another sometimes multiple in a day... 
When I look back at the "Night of the Living Dead" "Bad Taste" "Evil Dead" I see a common thread. People using what they had available to them (normally very little funding or resources) and pouring their heart and every ounce of creativity into their work.
The best way I could think of to pay tribute to a good part of what helped form my creative bents is to pick up some of the cheapest made toys I could find and pour every ounce of painting technique and skills I might have into making zombies out of them. The first run will be coming out before too long and will feature 8 unfortunate victims.
Also working on a new Cthulhu Mighty Mugg that will blow the last one out of the water!

Stay tuned for more on these pieces soon....

For now pick up something from the snack bar on your way out.

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