Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Imperfecz Update

Been a while since there's been any new updates. Haven't any  news from either home worlds of Mutants or Doom Götter.

If you understand the Imperfecz zone as a point where all realities/planets/dimensions meet, each place having a doorway of sorts to enter Imperfecz. From here you can feasibly go... anywhere. So far we've only really been able to touch on those two "realms" for lack of a better term. Once you enter from wherever you come from (earth in our case) the Imperfecz zone takes on the geometry, and follows the laws of physics you'd expect to find. Good luck if you read a lot of Lovecraft and that's what you have in mind. Having no actual physical presence of its own, but behaving as you'd expect, for your comfort and ease. Most of us have no issue, and Imperfecz seems a little odd, but much like earth.

Clear as mud?

How did we find it? Where is this doorway or whatever on earth?

Where the physical location cannot be revealed, as this would allow anyone and everyone access, and who knows the ramifications? Imperfecz zone does have its regulations, governed by a group consisting of representatives from all over. Having arrived not long ago, we are working on getting a human on this council. So far we have not been deemed a threat, and can come and go as we please. We need to keep it that way. Still working on relations as we have teams exploring those two realms.

Next transmission, we will give a little insight into this earthly doorway, and those that guard it.

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