Monday, March 4, 2013

Dirty Thieving Bootleggers!

This is a little contest... to STEAL, THIEVE toys from me! Prizes will be an assortment of things found in my store. There will be a first, second, and third prize.

How do you enter?
Simple... join this blog and comment on this post. There you go. 1 chance at a prize.

How do you get a second shot?
Shoot me a pic of some of my work mingling with your collection, so I can post it up here.

Another way?
Sure... post a pic of a bootleg toy in your collection to show support for bootlegs & bootleggers! Do this on any social media using #dirtythievingbootleggers and direct me to it via the contact on this blog.

One more?
Alright....  go to and post a pic of a bootleg or some of my work in your collection in the members blogs section, the thread titled Dirty Thieving Bootleggers! If you came here from LRG, just go backto the post you linked from....

Alright.... that's 4 ways to enter. Have to join the blog and comment first, then you can go for any of the other options to add another chance or chances to win.

So sign up here and comment to snag toys from this non-artist, kitbasher, bootlegger, sculptor, scumbag.


Um.... forgot deadline...  ok contest runs for the month of March. Winners will be drawn and announced on the blog the first week of April.

*Edit #2

Just adding a way to get 2 chances in one shot....

Join LoboVision & post #dirtythievingbootleggers for 2, that's right 2 extra chances!! Simply join, watch an episode or video & comment ending with the #dirtythievingbootleggers tag.

I'm searching for #dirtythievingbootleggers all around... so if I run across it in an unexpected location.... you'll get another bonus entry.

Would love to see more pics of bootlegs so I can post them up here... bootlegs, mashups, customs....  just join & comment here first, then drop a pic on social media with #dirtythievingbootleggers. Once you see your pic show up here let me know it's yours... if not tell me where you dropped it & I'll credit you.

A couple pics have surfaced via Facebook and

Little by little trickling in....


  1. cthulhu loves you!
    join the octopii movement!

    i want to see pics too. :)

    1. Soooo... I know you own the largest single collection of Cthulhu related customs I've done....

      Drop a pic on FB, G+, and or LRG!

  2. Totally joined, totally posting, great blog!

  3. Alright guys! That's 1 entry each..... have you posted bootleg pics or pics of my toys with your collection anywhere? If so and I've missed 'em... point me to 'em.

    I'm going to add pics of at least a portion of the 3 prize levels as the month goes by. Also thinking of posting pics as they pop up.

    Spread the word! #dirtythievingbootleggers

    You can also email me pics at

  4. Replies
    1. 2 chances for anyone who joins Lobovision & posts #dirtythievingbootleggers

      I'm going to add that and the link right now!

  5. Got a few pictures of bootlegs. Multiple entries for several pictures on LRG?

    1. 1 per catagory, so you have 2 right?

      You can use one of the same pics on G+ or somewhere if you want another. Just tag it with #dirtythievingbootleggers and you're good... crap If I find that floating around in an unexpected location I'll give another chance.

  6. Replies
    1. You know when you find a dead bum.... but he has cool boots... but his feet are kinda fused to them & you wanna take 'em.

      Anyhow it's the meat you have to scrape outta the boots.

  7. Where do we post on cinema insomnia, i joined and tried to post in chat but it didnt come up...

    1. Awesome! You joined? I need to get on there more and watch some more episodes.... Speaking of which... yeah, just post a comment on a video with that tag.

  8. I dig bootlegs too, I like going to the mexican dollar stores to see all the orange Spidermen. Check out my Ryu Hayabusa bootlegs on LRG!

  9. Hip hip hooray for bootlegs! Awesome work!

    (In the off-chance I win, can you PM me on LRG? I've got the same name!)

  10. Nice pics and a very cool looking blog!
    Ravenjack LRG


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