Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Imperfecz is a place... not a place more like a doorway, or a gateway. Zone might more accurately describe it. A point?

This is an unplace in which all possible points exist side by side. Physically nowhere. Stitched together every possibility, every dimension, every planet or plane within each. Nonexistent but existing everywhere.

There is a point everywhere that exists/connects here. Stumbled upon by accident... in every corner. The landscape here is as diverse as it's temporary population.

Travelers, bumblers, scientists.... they've all been here at one point or another.

The main problem with here is it is nowhere & everywhere. There is no clean, perfect way to get here & no definitive way to leave... or get back home.

Here and there we get reports from people who have made it there and back. Some field researchers reporting back on findings.

We are working on piecing together the latest transmissions received. These are coming from a dimension traveled to via the ImperfecZone.

Please stay tuned.

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