Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kinda dropped off the map there....

So life got crazy for a bit there... exited a rental, bought a house, moved (ok still moving into new place and settling in) and I have managed to neglect everything else in the process. You might notice products dropped out of the store or were put on hold. There haven't been any new posts here for a good long while.

Well with all the changes and still not having a studio set up quite yet... it will still be a bit before new stuff starts popping up.

Just a few quick notes here on what you can expect to see as things start coming together.

1) A new run of Havasus... Those would be the 2 little rock looking guys in the header pic. These will get a whole new life as they are being run as their own line. There will be several new sculpts joining those guys. So keep your eyes peeled as things come together.

2) Imperfecz will be released as a series 2. This time around you will see some returning characters from the last run... however with the Havasu taking off on their own & Cthulhu never really fitting in... the line is looking a little thin. Well you will be seeing a fair amount of new sculpts joining the ranks. There will be at least one new sculpt from me & then the rest will be filled out by some other contributing artists. Pretty excited to see where this ends up.

3) See that Super Deformed Cthulhu on the header pic? Sooner or later he will have another Lovecraft creature to hang out with. So I guess if any of you have a favorite you would like to see get this treatment, go ahead and let me know. You can either respond here in the comments or shoot me a message. Either way I wouldn't mind at all getting your opinion.

4) Still talking with Mr. Lobo about doing a new release of the Mr. Lobo minis, but this time they will be cast in rubber with a whole new sculpt joining the ranks.

Well... guess that's about it for now. Hopefully will be getting the studio set up before long so I can start pouring silicone again & casting some of these little buggers up!

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