Sunday, September 11, 2011

Customer Customs! Love these!!

I make a lot of stuff and when something sells... that's it... rarely do I see it again. Sometimes I wish I could see pics of peoples stuff after it settles into their collection. Here and there I get to see pieces in collection photos... but that's rare.
Even more rare.... people customizing my toys and then shooting pics and taking the time to send me shots. Recently I got pics back from an ebay sale that happened a bit ago. Walter Riera custom painted a blank Imperfecz figure he purchased. I just had to post these up because they were so different and such a different take on the character. Also check out what he has available on ebay HERE.

And long before that... Adam Pratt had picked up some pieces and made these awesome customs!

His painting skills are amazing & I love everything I've gotten from him... pictures never do justice to his work trust me... 100 times better in person!

One piece I really can't get over is the custom job he did on one of my Mr. Lobo bootleg figures!

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