Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Custom Junkbot Halfbad Toyz X Smash Tokyo X Imperfecz

Well.... I stuck with it... I said from the beginning I would paint one of the two Junkbots I was lucky enough to snag and offer it up to the public... As attached to it as I have been since the paint laid so beautiful on the resin... I still put him up.

and man I hope the second one comes out half as cool as this one did... because that's the one for the collection!

I used a wash to begin with to bring out the subtle details of this really clean lined piece. Initially I was going to go for a kind of dirty very used look. Those thoughts didn't last as I got a feel for the sculpt. This guy has some really clean angular lines and a stylized look that began to remind me of the Shogun Warriors I loved as a kid. OK this took me in another direction so I grabbed the Tamiya clear paints and really looked at it to see what might really work. There are also some metallic paints worked in in key areas.

Part of me hopes there will be a DIY release of these guys in crystal clear with glitter... 

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