Friday, January 7, 2011

Custom Mighty Muggs Kinnikuman, Cthulhu

To start things off I wanted to showcase a little project I was working on recently, in fact the final one was just finished off tonight. While available they can be found HERE and some of my other work can be found HERE on eBay

First off is my take on Buffaloman from the Kinnikuman series

Followed by another Kinnikuman character Satan Cross

Third on the list is Sneagator from.... you guessed it... Kinnikuman!

And now to switch gears on you... well kind of... we're staying with Mighty Muggs but.... how about a nice little Cthulhu this time around!

All these guys are currently available except the Sneagator, he didn't last long after he went up on 

OK so the Satan Cross sold now so there's just the BuffaloMan & Cthulhu left.

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